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20th August 2014

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who gave you the right to be so adorable TOKATTI

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20th August 2014

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I’m just gonna ramble about this scene okay. also a bit spoilerish for some parts of Makai No Hana 19.

I mean. This music Mayuri listens to is something that gives her the impression of “light”, though we weren’t given any deeper glimpse as to what that light means. Is it hope? Is Mayuri learning to hope? She’s a human character who, supposedly, was not treated like a human, so she had little grasp of human traits when she met Raiga. The little things in the episodes, even in the lovely credits, make it seem like she’s slowly changing - though I’m still confounded as to how she has no sense of taste, or does she eat as a means gaining nourishment and nothing else, but that is neither here nor there for now.

I found the Horror’s tale in Ep 19 to be telling, though, again, we’ve no confirmation if it’s true or it’s just something he spun just for Mayuri’s sake. A sad young girl, who was changed by a curse placed on her, who in time will return to normal - however, he said that this was not what’s going to happen to Mayuri. While she’s probably brutally aware that there’s never going to be any normal for her, I’m surprised the Horror described her as ‘sad’. Is she? What is she sad about, if it’s true? Is she learning to long for things, and knowing that she cannot have them makes her sad?

And then there was this scene. In it, she’s the one who made the recorder stop, even if Raiga was there, listening with her. It’s not that she didn’t want to hear the song; it’s because she’s reminded that there were still things they needed to do and there’s not enough time to do them. But Raiga makes the music flow again, and it’s like he’s silently telling her that he’s aware they don’t have much time left, but if she likes this song, if she’s given an impression of ‘light’ by it, then by god she has every right to listen to it for however long she wanted.

I like how the ep didn’t even address if Raiga likes the piece or not. It makes me want to believe that he doesn’t, but knowing that the song leaves a deeper impact on Mayuri makes him want to be more familiar with it in the hopes that he might be able to understand and connect with her even more.

Also I want to point out that she actually trumped him - bookish, observant Knight that he is - about the quality of the moonshine on the night they met. And good boy that he is, Raiga doesn’t even fight her claim - just accepts it as gospel truth because she said it.


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20th August 2014

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my blog is 99% about ships I ship and 1% semi non-shippy things

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/heavy breathing

/heavy breathing

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Kaito & Mai + Interactions


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19th August 2014

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because yes this is my guilty ship I mean I’ll ship Tomoko/Ryusei for life but JK/Tomoko is like the life vest I’ve put on while sailing Tomoko/Ryusei

fun fact: JK/Tomoko/Ryusei are my favorite thing in the world

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18th August 2014

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Anonymous said: Joe & Luka for the headcannon thing please?

1. At the beginning, it took a while for Joe and Luka to warm up to each other. Luka’s brashness and loudness unnerved Joe, whereas his quiet, watchful nature unnerved her. They often spent the next few weeks addressing Marvelous but dismissing each other because awkward.

2. The first time Joe tried “rescuing” Luka, she got so mad she drew her sword and snarled at him. “I don’t need any rescuing,” she stated. He raised his brow at her, said nothing, but took note of it.

3. She found out early on that she preferred using the sword when fighting enemies than shooting at them. “It’s much more personal,” she said, baring her teeth. He said nothing, but inside, he agreed with her.

4. He tried to ignore just how unrefined her fighting technique was. Joe had always been used to systematic swordfighting - there’s a certain grace to it that she sorely lacks. He thought about teaching her how to fight correctly, but when they dueled and he found her to be a challenging foe, he changed his mind.

5. She didn’t know what to think about the fact that Joe makes cakes. She didn’t know anything about cakes in the first place, so when he placed a slice before her, all tidy and pretty and white, the look she gave him was equal parts astonished and bewildered. “I’m supposed to eat it?”

6. After that, she found out that she has a bit of a sweet tooth, but only for cakes Joe baked.

7. They both know little about the other’s lives before becoming Gokaigers. They’re not ones to pry or ask, after all; it’s like they both knew instinctively that the other’s life was hell, that they refuse to talk about it, and knew better than to force them.

8. He’s the first to witness just how Don had rigged Luka’s swords. They were dueling again when she stepped back, grinned, and showed him how it could also act as some sort of expandable whipping blade. That was among the few times he lost to her, and she never lets him forget it.

9. Nowadays, he finds her loudness and brashness comforting, while she found his quiet and watchfulness soothing. They’d never admit to it, of course.

10. There were still nights when Joe would find Luka restless, awake, and fiddling with darts. He’d ask her what’s wrong, half-expecting her to brush him off. Those night when she’d actually respond were nights he’d consider eventful.

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Let’s all shine on, crazy diamonds!

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grim and stone-faced protagonists will always have a place in my heart but nowadays I find myself preferring the smiley, friendly ones because it takes a while for them to lose their shit but if someone presses the right buttons and makes them flip their shit then sorry but bodies are going to fall fast and they may even flash their pearly whites while killing things

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Don’t they usually do this at the final episode tho

Don’t they usually do this at the final episode tho

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16th August 2014

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The Four Founders of Hogwarts.

Yes please

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Ep 19 of Makai no Hana is pretty much Raiga listening to Mayuri listen to music

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Morning, Noon, Night by zarah joyce: drama. Rated M. “For never was there a story of more woe, than this of Juliet and her Romeo.” Draco/Hermione with a twist. Words: 2, 377


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